How E-Commerce Websites are Emerging In India


E-commerce Web Design – The Trends of Tomorrow

Since having the largest youth population India is witnessing steady rise in Internet users and online shopping.  The data says that every three seconds an Indian experiences the internet for the first time, out of which more than 60% are using web from their smartphones. Not just urban cities, tier II and tier III cities like Patna, Ranchi, Jaisalmer, Valsad etc. are not far behind in purchasing stuffs online. See the data given below:


India has crossed 500 million internet users by end of 2016. The penetration of e-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, adding around 6 million new entrants every month. Although Cash on Delivery is almost 75% in India, digital payment methods are also experiencing rise with demonetization policy and promoted cashless transaction. Retailing in cyberspace has gained acceptance among section of Indian e-urban population. India has witnessed major E-commerce success stories particularly in e-retail in Consumer Electronics & Fashion Apparel & Home Furnishing segments.

what indian online customers sell

It is the competitors which keeps the market of e-commerce alive. With giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Alibaba, PayTm competing for larger market shares in online shopping domain, racing to be the best e-commerce website of India. E-commerce creates new opportunities for entrepreneurial start-ups. Many entrepreneurs are emerging in the field and also being popular among local and national customers. To mention some of them like Myntra, YepMe, ShopClues, Ebay etc. are going to stand among above mentioned giants.

This field is facing challenging issues like

  • Getting Investment Funds like all other startups
  • Varying tax structure of India, for example, newcomer GST taxes
  • The “touch and feel” demand of Indian customers in products like apparel, handicrafts, jewelry
  • E-Infrastructural Issues, considering overall penetration of Internet in India is less than 10%
  • Logistics failure in any area can mean detrimental damage to a startup’s future and can hurt the brand overall.
  • Guaranteed return and refund policy

But, E-Commerce is here to stay !!  

You know, why….. 

  • Online shopping sites can grow bigger and faster than brick-and-mortar chains of shops.
  • The large population, increased digital literacy, increasing  per capita income, journey to a developed nation, non-availability of parking spaces etc etc..
  • The customized need of a shopper can be served easily by websites. You can send your friend a gift on his doorsteps just by a click!
  • Wide range of products and prices, 24 by 7 availability of marketplace, the ease of shopping and paying
  • With the 100% FDI allowed in e-commerce by Indian Govt. (Source: The Hindu)

According to digital market intelligence company SimilarWeb, and around 12% of all Internet users in India are online shoppers, according to the Economic Times. Analysts believe that online shopper penetration could grow to 20% by end of 2017.


In the booming market of e-commerce websites, out of many popular names,  is making its mark. Winsant was established in Diamond city of India, Surat, is headed by visionaries and run by young, innovative minds of city. The best e-commerce website is one which gives the wide range in price, selection, and offers shopping convenience, quality and rich user experience. Winsant, soon to be the fastest growing e-commerce website, provides all. Winsant is all buckled up and gearing for being the best online shopping website.

And so, this is the perfect time for buyers to turn towards online shopping experience and sellers to promote and sell through e-commerce websites. In a nutshell, it’s win-win for all segments of market in India- producers, suppliers, marketers, the E-entrepreneurs, customers.  Start your shopping today with Winsant and enjoy it as never before as you will be buying from next best e-commerce website of India!


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